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Jan Drugs Guarantee

All orders with qualify for free Standard Shipping worldwide. The vast majority of our orders have an average delivery around 14 days to addresses in the U.S, Canada and Europe.

We have a reshipment guarantee that promises if you have not received your order in a maximum of 28 days that we'll reship you a replacement order free of charge.

Quantities and Refills

International customs permits a maximum 3 month (100 day) supply of your medication to be mailed to you from Canada. You may have Jan Drugs refill your medication if your prescription allows these refills, and you have sent us your original prescription. Once you have used up your refills you must submit a new prescription. To ensure that your medications are still needed and appropriate we will only honor refills for one year.

International orders for greater than a 3 month (100 day) supply will be automatically adjusted to 3 months (100 days).

Please mail us your prescription after you have faxed or emailed it to us. We will process your first order immediately with the faxed prescription but require the original prescription to send you refills. A fax from your doctor is considered an original prescription. Please ensure you have correct postage to Canada; express mail is not necessary.

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